OPPO R17 Pro review


OPPO R17 Pro review 2019 - best Smartphone.

Here you would say guys will come back tech beans and this is the most beautiful thing I've ever lived me I saw the color seventeen pro yes from the bus itself. Guys look at that.

We may attention is shining shimmering splendid all over the seven pro is something extraordinary is the first phone from our series that's coming out the Philippines and yes if you don't know yet.

His opals high-end line up now I know some of you have already watched me and back the person. We back in China but that was just a fixed to pick and only a few watches that video you will know that the person cruel has killer design have the killer triple camera set up and as the most potent fast king technology on earth is you will see that in a bit firsthand here in tech beans.

Online video streaming quality

OPPO R17 Pro video quality is, and it is good for watching online movies. If you need to download movies via online, then you need to download tubemate app for your OPPO R17 Pro.

Yeah, this is one of the most exciting videos ever done in my channel. Hope his clearly getting theories about this and so in my put, before we start guys we'll be giving this open are having proud to one like subscribers and all then you to do is to the square.


What are the best features of OPPO R17 Pro?

And cancer which is don't this migrate neck, and also please check out the descriptions below for the other form that I'm giving away.  Oh my god and for over to let the bossing.

No, and if you would go before I opened up let me show you this beautiful box right here for the open having pro gradient name beautiful create inside and even three didn't trend. Now you can use pandora apk mod app to your oppo R17 smartphone model too. Now can download pandora apk app using their official website.

So right here I have the color video messed which is a combination of purple and blue space I am and look at that memory guises gigs or frame and hard and very to control storage. These are friend wow so much ran so much. Did I haven't even an open at ted, and it's already flowing my find times to gets yours is it's time to unlock the phone pull this red here there's follow  get the phone.

All my god dad it's the most beautiful back I have ever seen this is glass by the way and feels good in an as well. But while you're going to get some smudges and fingerprints everywhere but it's not that noticeable man this. That jury was going to put your age here because I'm going to show people. But it's in the box and maybe that this is a box opened up inside if we have the yellow case the gel ok.

Has colored cool and choose in another box this image grip and some focal reverse to be valuable information guide papers and another guy cool, and that's all.


Is OPPO R17 Pro charging fast than other phones?

And get a load of this guy's this is the most exciting part of the box super food blast charger or lead the most powerful. The planet earth this is going to charge your phone completely in half an hour. So that it's orange, it's a particular charge or you public in your phones. There was right here show us the types of connect earn enough to not I have the headphone act people were, of course, we have here to most powerful keyboard on flat for the super book of last charging cable, and we look at that it has discovered oh my god, and that's for much in. you can use whatsapp and og whatsapp apps with this model without any problem because battery life is awesome. Download Whatsapp plus apk latest file to your mobile today.

I can show you the world shining tumor readings plan. I did sorry I want to show you the rest of the phone right here we have here a triple camera set up that is how we have here at a time of flight e camera at the middle we have the main camera.

Just of variable average your and when you do that is a subsequent book. Camera and at the bottom of a single speaker will use. But type support and the century the power. But on the right side and the volume rockers to love the sight and that's pretty much it. And time to open it up hope old self the expert you guys water drive and the same asked to cope with or nine but the thing is this is super am with and has corning gorilla glass six words a screen Dubai the ratio ninety one point five. you can use xshare file fast transfer apk app to transfer files quickly between your mobile and mac pc.


Video quality and camera features of OPPO R17 Pro

His friend tool we wrap and so for a coral west high point to its running on and read a to point when the story everything is sleep and faster pretty much functions as any android phone out there. you can video star app to create amazing videos and you can share it on facebook, twitter easily.

But a lot of this room quick taxes apps so if you want to go to look at facebook if one often the camera boomed camera. I want to show you another innovated feature of the phone in display thinker with scanner straight of beautiful animation it's very fast very response of it is accurate it's not as low as the goal stuff. Yeah, they just a bath and that's futures.

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